Action Planning

The first step to achieving more in life is to start setting goals. This module will help you:
Set realistic goals
Take the first steps to success


Having a hard time making ends meet?
This module is designed to help you:
Identify a financial goal
Establish what you need to accomplish that goal
It's easier than you think.

Going the distance

Is it taking longer to find work than you expected? This module will help you:
Examine your job search methods
How to stay positive during the job hunt process

Hidden Job Market

Are you having trouble finding work through the classifieds or the job banks? This module introduces you to a whole new way of finding work.
You will:
Learn how to access the unadvertised job market
Provide more options for finding employment

Job Maintenance

This module helps you succeed once you find a job.
Learn the importance of certain qualities employers want
Learn how to avoid common mistakes
Learn to be happier at work

Labour Market

This module helps you explore the labour market.
Recognising different types of job markets
Review Job search practices
Understand the local job market
Use ALIS a valuable comprehensive on line tool

Problem Solving

This module will help you use problem solving to finding and keeping work.
Explore your personal beliefs and attitudes
How do those beliefs affect how you problem solve
Learn conflict resolution skills that affect your professional and personal life

Self Esteem

Building confidence is the key to happiness and success. This module teaches how your self esteem can affect all as-pects of your life. You will:
Examine your own personal vision, values, and morals
Identify your strengths
Where do you feel you need to improve?

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